NIR Spectrometer: One analyser – endless possibilities

The NIR spectrometer lies at the foundation of everything we do at Q-Interline. It lies at the heart of our high-performance products and services, and we think our results and happy clients speak for themselves.

The engine behind the Quant

At the core of every great product lies a foundational element, central to the value the system brings forth. A component so crucial, that if the system is without that very component, it fails. Our NIR spectrometer the Quant is that base analyser for

Our products of course vary in scope, size, and central value it brings to the user. Equally do we develop, produce and patent a vast variety of accessories to handle pretty much all kinds of materials and samples both in laboratory and directly in the process. But the base analyser – the NIR spectrometer – remains the same. And there is a good reason for that.

The many advantages of our NIR spectrometer

Using this NIR spectrometer as the engine, for instance in our highly rated products the DairyQuant Go and InSight Pro, provides the flexible and rigid skeleton of our technological solutions.

By using our Quant analyser, you are ensured a solution that does not trade high performance for ease-of-use. With the Quant you will be able to make seamless analysis of everything from solids to powders, pastes and liquids.
By implementing the high-performing technology of this NIR spectrometer engine into your analysis process, you will be able to gain representative results in a quick, safe, and reliable manner. We know how important reliable and representative analysis from samples are – that’s part of the reason we developed our solutions using this exact NIR spectrometer technology in the first place.

The Quant analyser is the obvious choice for ensuring quality control and production optimization. Know what is in your product – get familiar with the NIR spectrometer today.

High performance – fast results

The NIR spectrometer Quant analyser is the one and only analysis tool based on the 2nd-generation FT NIR technology – that means that high spectral performance is guaranteed while making a low amount of noise.
Furthermore, the pristine spectral quality makes it possible for the user to gain access to top tier quantification of traditional components. The NIR spectrometer then also is the ideal candidate for the quantification of low-level signal components

NIR spectrometer requires little maintenance

Our NIR spectrometer engine is a low maintenance, high lifetime expectancy element of technology. Both the laser and the light source have a great expected lifetime of 10 years, and there is a lifetime warranty on the interferometer-scanning mechanism as well as the entire range of optical component against damage or degradation by moisture.

Besides the high-level warranty, the NIR spectrometer is not subject to using any form of chemical components. If you find yourself curious, whether it is about the lack of chemicals in your lab or the unmatched spectral quality overall, do not hesitate to contact us.

Plenty of flexibility

At this point, we’re sure to have you convinced of the supreme lifetime of the NIR spectrometer. It outlives that of any computer on the market today. Furthermore, it is a technical solution that requires little to no maintenance on behalf of the user. But how, you may ask, does the NIR spectrometer integrate into hardware and software?

The NIR spectrometer is an analyser that is fully equipped with a complete Windows solution. Having software and hardware so closely connected minimizes risk of errors and ensures less downtime related to any computer related equipment.
This holistic solution also makes for a flexible solution that enable you to integrate a wide variety of PC accessories. Attaching a barcode reader or a label printer is easy, and upgrading Windows is an easy task.

What samples can the NIR spectrometer handle?

With our NIR spectrometer, the Quant, comes the ability to use a wide variety of sampling methods. The list presented on the page here is by no means exhaustive – but you can find a more complete list of sampling options here.

We know how important the right knowledge and the right equipment is to applying representative sampling. Ensuring that the results escape contamination and other sampling errors is central – that also means, that the ease of use, which is made possible by the NIR spectrometer, can decrease risks in error and inaccuracies. The methods to how the samples are presented to the NIR spectrometer developed by Q-Interline are results of years in development combined with decades of experience, driving the power of NIR spectrometer to its full potential.

You can conduct analysis of liquid samples, powdered samples, and solid samples both in laboratory and in process. Sample presentation methods includes use of Petri Sampler, Cup Sampler, Bottle Sampler, Spiral Sampler, Pivettes® and optical fibres.

NIR Spectrometer - near infrared spectroscopy with Quant analyser. Many sampling options.

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Get your NIR spectrometer from Q-Interline. We value quality products and services above all else. Our state-of-the-art FT NIR spectrometer engine is the basis for all our products, and we are so excited for our customers to experience the power and precision of the engine.

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