Game changer in milk analysis

DairyQuant GO – Always ready for next sample! 

The DairyQuant GO runs standard as well as challenging samples. High total solids, added protein, added sugar and in general all the challenging and special samples with a tendency to wear cuvettes and block flow-based systems.

A complete game changer

We deliver on a promise to eliminate the challenges with the flow systems in traditional milk analysers. 
There is no cell, no wear and tear on instrument parts, no risk of blocking, no air in the system, no need for special cleaning and no drift on the measurement cell. DairyQuant GO eliminates the use of chemical solutions and there is no need for standardization.

The DairyQuant GO can measure highly challenging samples such as whey concentrate, yoghurt mixes and milkshakes through to cream, milk, and skim with no cleaning between samples and no fuss. 

The patented Pivette®

With the patented Pivette® sampling method you can run the samples in any order you wish – imagine a precise cream analysis, then a mascarpone sample to end the run with a high precision determination of low fat content in a whey sample – no carry over! 

The DairyQuant GO complies with the new IDF standard
ISO 21543 I IDF 201: 2020 – Milk and milk products – Guidelines for the application of near infrared spectrometry.

Whatever you have, we do
  • WPC
  • Concentrates
  • Ice cream mix
  • Cocoa milk
  • Fermented products
  • Curd
  • Mascarpone
  • Plant-based milks
  • Samples with additives and sugar
  • Standard raw milk
  • Standard processed milk
  • Whey
  • Cream

Explainer video

This short animation video shows you the value of the DairyQuant Go and how you can benefit from changing to a hassle free and modern solution.

Demo video

So you are intrigued by the idea, but wants to see how it actually works? Could it be that easy? See this video and judge for yourself.

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DairyQuant GO, an easy to use at-line milk analysis instrument.
The Quant – The Sampler – The Sealer

The DairyQuant GO challenges the traditional flow-based analysers – We call it a game changer 

Predictable workday 

The DairyQuant GO ensures a predictable workday and, perhaps even more important, a predictable night and weekend – no more calls to go to the job and rescue a stranded flow system.
You will know for a fact that you do not have to worry about the analyser, air, blocking, or cleaning and you can leave the analysis to anyone. 


Cost savings

DairyQuant GO has no daily routines for maintenance, no costly
annual service contract and no consumption and disposal of chemicals. This not only saves cost, but also frees up time for the instrument manager.
With high accuracy and no cell-based drift, the results from the DairyQuant GO will allow you to run the process closer to target and make more profit.

Changing milk analysis 

Samples are analysed using the patented disposable Pivette® system. Using a disposable “measuring cell” offers several advantages and the highest level of performance and flexibility. Analyse a concentrate sample followed by a low-fat milk, or any other combination of samples, without compromising analytical results

Following the analysis, the Pivette®  is disposed of or recycled and DairyQuant GO is ready for the next analysis – without waiting time. 

DairyQuant GO can be operated by all types of personnel and the intuitive and efficient workflow makes DairyQuant GO ideal for the laboratory as well as process.

Intelligent analytics with AnalyticTrust

Connect your analysers to the digital platform AnalyticTrust and enable a universe of intelligence all designed to make your life easier and your results more reliable.
The automated intelligent analytics will monitor five critical aspects of keeping an analyser in statistical control. Leave all the scheduling to the QA planner and ensure that the necessary minimum validation is done and be certain about
the uncertainties – run your process closer to target and make more profit.

Always rest assured that DairyQuant GO will supply trustworthy and high-quality analytical results.

Pivette sampler for easy milk analysis of both fat and skim milk with no cleaning and no waste.
The Patented Pivette®

Blue Pivette sampling

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The blue Pivette® is the standard Pivette® for traditional low-viscosity samples. 
The Pivette® will suck up 0.5 ml of sample. 

The perfect solution for   

  • Raw milk 
  • Processed milk 
  • Cheese milk 
  • Cream 
  • Whey 
  • WPC 
  • Plant based milk 
  • Cocoa milk 

Red Pivette sampling

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The red Pivette® is the heavy-duty Pivette® for special high-viscosity samples. 
The Pivette® will suck up 0.5 ml of sample. 

The perfect solution for   

  • Marscarpone 
  • Ice cream mix 
  • Sauce 
  • Curd

InfraQuant  – an important part of the GO experience  

Our widely popular software application InfraQuant has been designed and developed together with our customers with continuous improvements that are based on user input.
InfraQuant is a multilingual wizard-driven software program which can be operated by anyone. InfraQuant enables easy link to any LIMS system by means of
a standard XML format.

InfraQuant, intuitive and multilingual software for at-line milk analyzers.

Software highlights 

  • Runs on modern windows 10  
  • Intuitive and easy to use without training 
  • Choice between 18 user languages 
  • Easy link to AnalyticTrust for easy instrument surveillance and QA 
  • Easy link to LIMS