Q-Interline Support Agreement to secure your investment

We support you to get the best out of your analysers

​Ensure smoothly running instruments throughout the years with solid internal procedures combined with support from our competent application and calibration specialists.​

​The right kind of surveillance and maintenance is important to ensure continuous stable and precise results. Our skilled specialists are trained to perform all needed troubleshooting and application maintenance.​

The analyser is built to last
The support is designed to matter

Focus on other important tasks – we have your back

Outsource your instrument ​surveillance and validation to Q-Interline and focus your resources on other important tasks. ​When choosing the Plus or Premium support agreement the cloud-based tool AnalyticTrust is part of your Q-Interline support agreement.

​We secure that your instrument software is updated to the latest standards. ​

To ensure value and to enable optimal process control, the equipment’s application needs to be maintained. ​

​With a support agreement you can get:

  • surveillance of the analyser hardware and software​
  • training of personnel​
  • maintenance of reference- and control methods​
  • maintenance of the sampling procedures​
  • instrument software updates​
Q-Interline support on-line and on-site. Fast and dedicated support

Choose the support agreement that fits your needs.​


For our “do-it-yourself” customers who take responsibility for all the aspects of the application maintenance, but value priority response.​


Extra security and optimal backup for the individuals who maintain the application “in-house”. ​


For customers who wish to outsource surveillance and maintenance of the application and the calibrations to our specialists. ​

In need of support?
Q-Interline technology - spectroscopy illustration

Training sessions

  • Would you like to perform better? ​
  • Would you like to improve your competences in the field of NIR spectroscopy? 
  • Would you like to ensure success in the long-term?

We have a couple of training sessions on how to get the most out of your NIR application, regardless of your current skillset.​

Calibration and validation course

Learn how to get the most out of your NIR application. ​
Learn how to:

  • develop new calibration models ​
  • maintain existing models. ​
  • evaluate the results and to find areas of improvement for your products. ​

Work with training data or experiment with your own data sources. The course can be tailored for both beginners and experienced personnel.​

Q-Interline technology. Statistics illustration
Q-Interline technology - we are sampling experts. Sampling illustration

Sampling and application course

Gain an understanding of the possibilities for your instrument, production and laboratory. ​
Learn how​ to:

  • representative sampling works and the basics behind spectroscopy. ​
  • to optimise the production specifically for your application​
  • to develop a new application and ​
  • to evaluate application results and transfer them to adjustments in the production. ​

The course level will primarily be for beginners and new colleagues, but can also be used to provide a brush-up for experienced personnel.​

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