Q-Interline – your FT-NIR partner and sampling expert

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FT NIR analyzer for at-line laboratory product analysis. Nir laboratory equipment.

Easy, precise, and efficient NIR analysis​

Our vision is to be the best provider of FT-NIR analytical solutions in the world. ​We help our customers​:

  • Ensuring product quality​
  • Optimizing raw material utilization​
  • Optimizing production processes​
  • Lowering energy consumption​

in an easy, precise, and efficient way with our patented FT-NIR solutions.​ We work with customers within dairy, agriculture, food and ingredients and in the Nordics also within pharma and chemical. ​

Your NIR partner for your long-term success​

With Q-Interline you get a committed and competent NIR partner listening to your needs and challenges.

We aim to get a valuable long-term relation with you as our customer to ensure you get the most out of your Q-Interline analysers.​ We know that no processes nor customers are 100 % alike.​​

Q-Interline technology - we are sampling experts. Sampling illustration

We are your sampling expert​

We help you choose the best optional sampling accessory for you to get the best presentation and handling of your product samples. Our solutions give you the most representative product analysis.​

Where to meet Q-Interline in 2024 ​

We participate in a number of local and international fairs, conferences, and seminars throughout the year. We work to keep up to date with trends, technology, and customer needs.

Also, we like to meet future customers for a talk about needs and challenges, and a demo of our instruments. ​Here you can find a list of the events we are part of in 2024.

Q-Interline booth at a fair. We welcome you for instrument demos and to discuss how we can help your business.
Inline process analysis. InSight Pro probe installed in the production flow for real-time data

Fully online and maintenance free instruments​

You need no annual scheduled service with our analysers. And you get a 3-year hardware warranty – our instruments are built to last. ​

Remote installation is possible and 24/7 cloud-based instrument surveillance is available.

Our history​

Q-Interline was founded in 1996, by engineer Anders Larsen. ​Since, Q-Interline has developed into an international company with global footprint and subsidiaries in Germany, France, and North America. ​

In 2017 Martin R. Henriksen took over as CEO and in 2021 Q-Interline was listed on Nasdaq First North. ​

Q-Interline's founder, Anders Larsen, speaking at a conference.
Teamwork is everything at Q-Interline. We value open communication

Teamwork is everything​

Our efficiency is the result of strong teamwork. ​

  • At Q-Interline all employees are key players in reaching our goals. ​
  • We value open communication and a flat hierarchy. ​
  • Employee well-being and development are important to Q-Interline. ​
  • We believe in teamwork both internally and with our customers​

Career in Q-Interline​

Interested in joining? We are continuously looking for bright minds to join our team! Available jobs are posted in our LinkedIn company page and on this website. ​

Q-Interline logo - Q

​Strong company values 


We believe in having a proactive attitude, understanding our customers’ needs, and transmitting this into valuable relations.

We engage in our customers’ pains, in the well-being of our colleagues and in our investors’ journey.​ We commit ourselves to meeting our customers’ expectations ensuring they get a fast return on investment.


We believe in saying and doing the right thing all the time with an honest, positive, and constructive mindset.

At Q-Interline we don’t compromise with our principles nor with customer satisfaction. We are decent people to our customers, our colleagues, and our partners.  ​


We believe in combining all our skills, creating top performance that lead the way to success.

We see personal skills as equally important as professional skills. Our behaviour and personal skills are important for our collaboration and our ability to reach our ambitious goals together.

Technology that matters​

​All solutions from Q-Interline are based on three fundamentals: ​

  1. We base all systems on Fourier Transform Near-Infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIR). ​
  2. We are sampling experts with a deep understanding of proper representative sampling and we have the knowledge and technology to develop accessories, optical fibres, probes and cells in food grade quality. ​
  3. We develop digital tools, offering online surveillance to run efficient support and validate all analytical solutions in real-time.​

The leading technology behind our solutions gives our customers true and unbiased insight into their process dynamics giving a solid foundation for improving product quality and production yield.​

Q-Interline technology - spectroscopy illustration

Q-Interline has been granted funds for a leadership development programme – Servant Leadership. Part of the funds are granted from Erhvervshusene and the other half of the granted funds are from EU.

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