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We develop high-tech analytical solutions and measuring equipment for process and product quality optimisation for the dairy, feed, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industry worldwide. The patented FT-NIR and FT-IR solutions make our analysers fast, easy to handle and cost-efficient.

Our FT-NIR analysers provide our customers with valuable information for improving efficiency in quality and production, obtain higher yield and better cost control. At
Q-Interline, we are committed to making a difference by bringing more value to businesses. We strive to offer high quality products, outstanding support and building long-term relations with our customers. For us, commitment starts before the first purchase and we care for your specific needs: only in this manner are we able to offer constructive advice and the best possible solution that fits your specific production process.

Q-Interline's founder, Anders Larsen, speaking at a conference.

High-quality solutions since 1996

Founded in 1996 by Anders Larsen, Q-Interline has constantly grown and developed into a company with a global footprint whose innovative spirit has been recognised by the European Union. Our committed and competent employees create valuable long-term relationships with our customers and are there to help you with the optimisation of your quality management processes

Teamwork is everything

Our efficiency is the result of strong teamwork.

  • At Q-Interline you are not just a number, you are a key player in reaching our goals.
  • We value open communication and support internally.
  • Your well-being and your development is important to Q-Interline.
  • We believe in teamwork both internally and with our customers

Career in Q-Interline

Interested in joining? We are continuously looking for bright minds to join our team!

If you wish to work at Q-Interline see our vacant job openings or send an unsolicited application to HR: hr@q-interline.com

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Teamwork is everything at Q-Interline. We value open communication.

At Q-Interline we offer 3 years warranty on all FT NIR instruments.

We invest in technology that matters 

Solutions from Q-Interline are based on three fundamental technology areas.

  • We base all systems on Fourier Transform Near-Infrared spectrometer (FT-NIR).
  • we add a keen focus and understanding of proper representative sampling and master all necessary technologies to produce accessories, optical fibres, probes and cells in food grade quality.
  • we have invested in digital technology, offering online surveillance to run efficient support and validate all solutions in real-time.

The leading technology behind our solutions gives the customer true and unbiased insight into their process dynamics.
This gives a solid foundation for the ability to improve product quality and production yield.

Our instruments are built to last. You get a 3 years warranty, no strings attached, on all products.

Deep dive into our technology

We value customer effect

Over the years our unique project model has been proven and tuned to secure an efficient delivery process. In every project, through careful dialogue with the customer we will invest in a detailed understanding of all their needs and requirements. We accept that no processes or customers are 100% alike, and we have the willingness and skills to adapt to every project with motivation and new energy.

The best projects with the strongest effect are often achieved when the project is driven by a team of people from both sides, with all necessary competencies and managerial power to make things happen.

We understand that the supply of an analyser doesn’t bring any changes until the results are validated and the results are used in a new way – this is our commitment to focus on the customer effect in the short, medium and long term.

We believe in validation and trusted data

The consequences of analysers not providing the accuracy or precision you expected vary, but is never for free! The best-case scenario may be “just” a loss of profit, but if production is off it may also lead to a loss of customers and reputation, and event to the closing of production lines.

Production units are built larger than ever, with a high level of automation. Feeding automation models and process control algorithms with faulty sensor data may lead to severe loss of control and profit.

That is the core motivation behind our automated surveillance of hardware and optional application performance validation, which we have made an essential part of our AnalyticTrust digital universe.

AnalyticTrust makes is easy for you to be certain of the uncertainties!

Our customers are looking for analysers which are ready for the future. The future holds big-data and concepts like “industry 4.0,” which will only work if sensor data is validated and trusted.


Q-Interline was founded as a family-owned company in 1996 by Anders Larsen. Initially, the company was a value adding reseller organisation for a range of top brand suppliers of analysers and spectrometers.

In 2003 Q-Interline designed and introduced the first product in what later became the QPA series of in-line analysers. In 2004, the new partnership with ABB Bomem led to the introduction of the two at-line systems series, Focus and Flex, for a wide range of applications within the food, feed, dairy and agricultural segments, which were distributed in Europe through a new network of distributors.

In 2008, Q-Interline introduced the brand new maintenance-free Quant FT-NIR analyser. In addition, a new series of powerful accessories as well as a user friendly software package called InfraQuant was launched. This new technological leap, together with the new global distributor network, has brought the company to where we are today: a global player with installations in 39 countries around the world.

In 2010, Q-Interline moved to its present headquarters in Tølløse.

Q-Interline was ISO9001 certified in 2012 and was re-certified in 2017.

Q-Interline obtained its first sampling patent in 2013 and more patents have followed since.

In 2015, Q-Interline GmbH was founded in order to capture the substantial German market for high-tech analysers in the food, feed, dairy and agricultural segments.

Anders Larsen teamed up with Martin Henriksen in 2017 as the new CEO and partner, with the goal of further developing market presence in Europe and North America.

In early 2017 the newly developed maintenance-free in-line analyser solution InSight Pro was introduced, replacing the old QPA in-line systems.

Later that year, Q-Interline was granted funding from the EU Horizon 2020 SME programme for the commercialisation of the InSight Pro. Since then, the InSight Pro analyser has been installed in the US and multiple European countries.

The patent for a revolutionary new liquid dairy product analyser was granted in 2018, hence the DairyQuant GO was introduced to the market with support from the Danish Market Maturation Fund (MMF) in 2019.

In early 2020, Q-Interline acquired our software supplier, AnalyticTrust, and merged the two companies, thereby creating a new Division for Digital Solutions within Q-Interline.

In November 2021, Q-Interline celebrated 25th Anniversary. Later that month, Q-Interline successfully completed an IPO and got listed on Nasdaq in Copenhagen.

In March 2022 our French subsidiary company, Q-Interline SARL, was established.

Q-Interline's founder, Anders Larsen.
Anders Larsen
Founder of Q-Interline
CEO and Partner of Q-Interline, Martin Roithner Henriksen.
Martin Roithner Henriksen
CEO & Partner of Q-Interline

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