In-line NIR analyser – InSight Pro – for real-time process insights ​​

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With Q-Interline’s in-line process analysis solution, InSight Pro, you can transfer calibrations from at-line to in-line and get a synergy between at-line and in-line analysis. InSight Pro offers measuring devices adapted for various sample types. One or two measuring points can connect to the analyser via flexible optical fibres.​

The solution is easy to install and use. We make sure you get a fast return on investment with our unique implementation project plan with full support. InSight Pro is always up and running with fast start-up after production pause and with link to our cloud-based surveillance software, AnalyticTrust, for your reassurance 24/7. ​​

InSightView, intuitive and multilingual software for inline analyzer. For inline analytics. InSight Pro cabinet
Cells and probes. Spoon Probe for InSight Pro for in-line powder analysis

This is how it works

The base analyser is the Quant analyser. Sampling devices connect to the analyser through fibre optical cables from 5 to 30 metres. Fibre cables are self-contained in white food-grade hoses, which are easy to install in cable trays. The system is full CIP/SIP compliant and are specified to work up to 10 bar pressure and operating temperatures from 5 to 90 C.

We develop, patent, and produce a variety of different probes and cells which connect to the InSight Pro by means of optical cables to maximise flexibility. ​

You can analyse various different products in-line

With Q-Interline’s in-line solution, InSight Pro, you can measure many different types of products. You can even measure two different product types with the same in-line solution. Analyse:

  • Liquids
  • Powders
  • Semi-solids
  • Pasty products

And samples can be made both in-tank, in-pipe, and cross-pipe.

InSightView, intuitive and multilingual software for inline analyzer. For inline analytics. InSight Pro cabinet

14 reasons to choose InSight Pro for in-line analysis​

  • A maintenance-free system​
  • One or two measuring points with just one analyser​
  • 3-years hardware warranty​
  • Choice between five configurations​
  • Option of built-in 24/7 surveillance​ with AnalyticTrust
  • Operator-friendly software – InSightView ​
  • Faster start-up after production pause ​
  • Stable and predictable production process​
  • Production closer to target​
  • Less waste and rework​
  • Full traceability​ and documentation
  • Energy optimisation​
  • A full CIP/SIP compliant solution specified to work up to 10 bar pressure and operating temperatures from 5 to 90 C.​
  • IP65 protection for easy installation​

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InSight Pro from Q-Interline. See your data in InSightView in the production area

Optimised sampling solutions

Applying the correct, meaning representative, sampling is not guaranteed simply by going in-line.​ The probes and cells must see the true process variations without bias and sampling error.​ Equally important is the design of a manual sample extraction point, ensuring the important​ validation step.​

All probes and cells are designed to meet strict hygienic requirements. The sampling systems​ all comply to CE norms, such as EN1935/2004 and the only contact materials are SS316L,​ Sapphire and Teflon.​

One instrument – two measuring points

With the Multiplexer – part of the standard equipment for the InSight Pro – you get two measuring points and you can choose to connect two different type of cells or probes. This gives you the possibility to analyse both powder and liquids or semi-solids with the same InSight Pro instrument.

You can measure different products in the same production flow, or you can measure what comes in and what comes out.​

The InSight Pro cabinet with two measuring points for in-line process optimization

Why in-line analysis with InSight Pro?

No more waiting for the laboratory to do manual analysis and no more needing to enter the process to collect samples. Get results 24/7 directly in the process and see results on an external screen in the laboratory.

See the video for inspiration.

Fast return on investment

Don’t worry about transfer of data. Don’t worry about installation nor calibration work – we support you and make sure you get the most out of your in-line solution saving raw material, needing no scheduled service and having no drift.

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InSightView process screen – your ideal user experience​

You can have the data screen in the production area giving you the process​ composition, averages, and trends in real time right where you need them. This enables a tight process control and optimised profit.​

​The real-time data in InSightView helps you make faster and more qualified decisions. Also, you can collect the right calibration and​ validation samples minimizing your load and laboratory cost.​

Illustration of the in-line analysis solution InSight Pro cabinet with InSightView software
Illustration of cloud-based surveillance tool AnalyticTrust from Q-Interline

Online surveillance for proactive reactions to issues​

With our cloud-based surveillance tool, AnalyticTrust, you

  • Have your data automatically stored in a safe place
  • Get a 24/7 surveillance on instrument performance and variations in calibration data
  • Get an alert if an issue occurs, so you can react before it becomes a problem for your production ​
  • Can keep control of your data and always base your decisions on trustworthy results.

AnalyticTrust can be a part of your support agreement.

With a support agreement we have your back

Select the support level that fits your business best whether you need full support or have your own instrument managers on-site.

The analyser doesn’t bring any changes until the results are validated and the results are used in a new way – you can get our support on data insights and using your data for quality and process improvements. We are committed and focus on your success with the analysers in both the short and long term.​

​The analyser is built to last. The support is designed to matter.​

Q-Interline support on-line and on-site. Fast and dedicated support

Your NIR partner and sampling expert​

Your success and the value you get from our FT-NIR analysers are essential to us. We are more than a supplier, we are your NIR partner.

We are sampling experts, and we specialise in sampling solutions offering the best presentation and handling of product samples for your most representative analysis.

You get a 3-year hardware warranty, and no annual service is needed. Our analysers are built to last.

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