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Q-Interline develops analytical solutions and instruments using FT-NIR meaning Near Infrared light combined with advanced mathematics (Fourier transformation) to measure the absorption of energy in a given raw material or product.

With the software, the absorbed energy is transformed to an advanced photo (a spectrum). When a certain amount of photos/spectra – with reference measurements (big data) – has been made the software can use algorithms to predict, with very high precision, the product content of important parameters like protein, fat, dry matter, lactose, salt, fibres, and much more.

Mozzarella production - inline process analysis with InSight Pro

Deep dive into the technology with Anders Larsen

In this technology section we explain some of the important technologies we use in our FT-NIR solutions.

You get a deeper understanding of the technology behind the analytical instruments. Some of the information in these pages might be a bit nerdy but well explained in videos with our founder Anders Larsen.

The focus is on four essential themes.

When working with FT-NIR analysis we recommend a balanced focus on all four themes to get the best overall performance.

The four technological pillars


Q-Interline technology - spectroscopy illustration

How the analysers of the industry works

Understand the basics of using light for measurement, by getting insights in molecular vibrations and how this translates to measurement of important components.


Q-Interline technology - we are sampling experts. Sampling illustration

How the sampling affects the results for good and bad

Get a solid introduction to the four aspects of sampling – the missing link in many applications. Reduce overall uncertainty and improve performance of any analyser.


Q-Interline technology. Statistics illustration

Help us help you

Get an introduction or brush-up on some of the most used terms in practical statistics surrounding an instrument project.


InternetOfThings. Q-Interline technology. Cloudbased software surveillance solution

Connecting the dots and taking control of every aspect of the process

With the intelligent cloud-based platform, AnalyticTrust, we have automated critical tasks around the long term “ease of ownership” for all our analytical offerings.

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