Proficiency Test

Secure the validity with efficient proficiency testing.

Proficiency testing is a powerful way of checking the validity of the test results from your lab and may even be required by standards such as ISO 17025 and similar. Many institutions like dairies and laboratories operate in isolation from other similar institutions and laboratories and do not have ongoing opportunities to compare their data with others. Without the opportunity for comparing data there are risks that their own data may have errors, biases or significant differences compared to other institutions.

The flexible solution from Q-Interline

Q-Interline’s Proficiency Test solution is a modern SaaS (Software as a Service), offering a cost efficient and secure solution. The solution is highly scalable, and the initial costs are limited, and you can run the solution from your PC with a browser. The software allows carrying out professional and accurate certification of analytical procedures and instruments. This is done by comparing the results of analysis performed of a standardised sample set and a designated reference measurement. With the platform, data is saved and can be shared anonymously for comparison. Easy access, no software installation is required.

Solution high-lights

  • Increased and known instrument performance
  • Easy and automated inter-lab data comparison
  • Find outlines – out of scale results are detected
  • Create reports with stunning graphics
  • Trusted data evaluation
  • Ensure continuous uniform quality
  • Visualize all instrument measurement results in one overview chart
  • Automate the certification process
  • Save time on data import and error source elimination
  • Easier processes – cost and resource savings
  • Real-time data – Proficiency test statistics
  • Certification based on central pilot samples
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The Proficiency Test provider

If you are the Proficiency test provider we offer you an easy and modern way of running your business. You as the only body have secure access to all data and can react on defined critical parameters and help the participants improve. To get started you simply configurate a measurement schedule and a login for all participants.

The Proficiency Test participant

If you are the proficiency test participant you will enjoy the easy feedback solution. Simply run the samples and log into the designated website and enter your results. The solution supports excel import for high data integrity. The provider will quickly after that be able to provide a full report in which you can see the local performance compared to anonymous results from the entire population. This in return is a fast an efficient method to comply to any proficiency demands from QMS or standards like ISO 17025.

The benchmarking allows the participants to improve their methods and results at the same time being able to document current performance in a very visual and easy way with the stunning graphics.

Reporting tool (provider)

The providers reporting tool makes reporting easy as it get’s with automated routines to simplify the workload. Quickly get the full overview of participants data and review all data prior to release of the report. With the easy configuration the QIPT module saves hours at every test event.

Official references

NDHIA and Quality Certification Services Inc (QCS), conducts monthly Proficiency Tests of milk samples for laboratories in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Handling millions of test from millions of cows, QCS selected the AnalyticTrust cloud-based software platform, to handle their Proficiency Test data procedures and statistical reports.