NIR Spectrometer - near infrared spectroscopy with Quant analyser. Many sampling options.

The perfect balance between easy and representative sampling – Quant sampling accessories ​

Applying correct representative sampling is essential. Presenting the sample to the analyser in the right way is equally important to ensure the most accurate product analysis. You need the perfect match between superior technology and sampling.

All our sampling accessories are the result of extensive experience and knowledge in the field of representative sampling and with respect for the Theory of Sampling. ​​Choosing the right sampler is essential for your analysis, see your unique options below:

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    FT NIR analyzer for at-line laboratory product analysis. Nir laboratory equipment.

    Cup Sampler – simply fill, scrape, analyse!

    Quant with Cup Sampler for easy analysis of butter and margarine
    Cup Sampler for Quant analyser with sampling cup. Easy analysis of butter and margarine
    Reusable plastic cup for Quant with Cup Sampler for easy butter and margarine analysis

    The unique Cup Sampler is developed for butter analysis but is optimal for any pasty product. ​

    You get an optimal operator workflow with the easiest, cleanest, fastest sample presentation for all kinds of spreads. ​

    Reuse the sampling cup without cleaning in between different samples – as the product is measured from the top. The sample is placed in the cup and a smooth surface is created by scraping. To minimise the effects from heterogeneity the cup spins continuously during analysis. 

    As the sampling cup is made of a plastic material it is safe to use in the production area. ​

    The perfect solution for:

    • Butter – solid and liquid
    • Margarine 
    • Chocolate cream
    • Ketchup & mustard
    • Cottage cheese
    • Cream cheese

    Bottle Sampler

    Quant with Bottle Sampler for representative sampling of e.g. dried grass and silage, soil, compost and segregating powders.
    Bottle Sampler for Quant analyser. With the sealed bottles or containers it allows for preparation of many samples.
    Sealed glass containers for Bottle Sampler. Ideal for analysing dried grass and silage, soil, compost and segregating powders

    The Bottle Sampler rotates continuously during analysis mixing the sample. The rotation provides you with a solid representative scanning as all particles have an equal chance of becoming part of the resulting spectrum. ​

    You prepare the samples in the 125 ml glass bottle and seal it with a lid, optionally with barcode. With the sealed lid the sample is protected against moisture and contamination from the surroundings. Also, with the lid you can prepare many samples prior to scanning, store samples, and send them for reference analysis in the sampling container. ​

    The perfect solution for:

    • Dried grass and silage 
    • Segregating powders
    • Seeds and grains
    • Soil 
    • Compost  

    Petri Sampler

    Quant with Petri Sampler for at-line analysis of e.g. grated cheese, milk powder, processed cheese.
    Petri Sampler for Quant analyser. For measuring product samples in a glass, plastic or Teflon petri dish
    Petri dish with product samples for Quant with Petri Sampler. Analyse powders, grated cheese, and more

    The Petri Sampler is used for a well-known and versatile method of scanning. It requires homogeneous samples with no segregation. ​

    You place the sample in the petri dish, which is subsequently placed in the sampler. To minimise the effect from heterogeneity, the petri dish spins continuously during analysis. The petri dish can be made from either glass, plastic, or Teflon, thus enabling use near the production area.​

    The perfect solution for:

    • Grated cheese
    • Processed cheese 
    • Cottage cheese
    • Milk powder 
    • WPC powder 
    • Food ingredient in powder form 

    Spiral Sampler – scans up to 375 cm2

    Quant with Spiral Sampler. For easy and precise measuring of heterogenic powder products
    The AgriTube placed in the Spiral Sampler for representative scanning of the sample
    AgriTube for Quant with Spiral Sampler. For analysis of grass, hay, seeds, and compost

    With the patented Spiral Sampler, you save energy as you need no drying or grinding of your sample before analysis. ​

    You fill your sample into the AgriTube, seal it, and place it in the Spiral Sampler. The Spiral Sampler rotates and scans up to 375 cm2 surface in the highest FT-NIR quality offering a truly representative scanning. This is up to 20 times more scanning surface than a traditional petri dish solution. ​

    Optimize your operator workflow with the easy to fill and re-usable glass tubes. ​

    The perfect solution for:

    • Grass and hay 
    • Silage 
    • Seeds 
    • Compost 
    • Wood chips 
    • Wool 

    Pivette Sampler – simply fill, seal, analyse!

    DairyQuant GO, an easy to use at-line milk analysis instrument. Pivette Sampler, Pivette Sealer
    Blue Pivette® for traditional low-viscosity dairy samples. Milk analysis with no cleaning and no waste.
    DairyQuant GO for at-line milk analysis with no cleaning and no flush

    The patented Pivette Sampler is developed as part of the DairyQuant GO concept but you can use it with many product types. 

    After analysis simply dispose of the used Pivette® and the system is ready for next analysis – no cleaning, no standardisation, no adjustments – always ready!​

    Fill the Pivette® with a sample and seal it. Place the Pivette® in the sampler controlling the temperature and run the analysis. ​

    The perfect solution for:

    • Raw milk 
    • Cheese milk 
    • Processed milk 
    • Plant based drinks
    • Cream 
    • Skim and whey 
    • WPC 
    • Ice cream mix 
    • High TS dairy products 
    • Beverage products 
    • Alcohol samples 

    Vial Sampler

    Quant with Vial Sampler. For measuring of oils, fats, cocoa butter, chemicals etc.
    Vial Sampler, accessory for Quant analyser for measuring of oils, fats, cocoa butter, chemicals etc.
    Low cost disposable glass vials for Quant with Vial Sampler. For measuring of oils, fats, water, chemicals etc.

    The Vial Sampler for easy handling of liquid samples. After the analysis, simply dispose of the vial – no cleaning – and the system is ready for the next analysis.​

    The system offers temperature control to eliminate unwanted temperature effects. ​

    You fill the liquid samples in low-cost disposable glass vials, and you can add a lid if needed, thus offering sealed and secure handling. You place the vial in the sampler from the top. ​

    The perfect solution for:

    • Oils & fats 
    • Emulsifiers/oil derivates 
    • Food ingredients 
    • Cocoa oil 
    • Chemicals 

    See how the sampling and analysis work

    Watch this video and get a fast insight into your sampling options and how you get your representative results.

    See the different sampling accessories explained and illustrated in this video. The same base analyser and same technology are used with all sampling options and for all your products ad raw material. ​

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      Illustration of the Q-Interline software, InfraQuant, InSightView

      Quant software – the easy and secure user interface​

      InfraQuant is the multilingual wizard-driven, intuitive, and easy to use software program that is delivered with the DairyQuant GO and Quant Analyser. The software enables easy link to any LIMS system by means of a standard XML format.

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