Representative NIR analysis for various industries

Making dairy analysis fast, easy, and smooth ​

Get an optimized and cost efficient production and ensure product quality. All employees can handle our easy to use FT-NIR analysers for in-line and at-line. We help dairies around the world better utilizing raw material.​

Analyse samples ranging from butter, mascarpone, mozzarella, cream, cheese, milk to the vast product range derived from milk. Easiest butter analysis solution in the market.​

Q-Interline offers in-line and at-line analytical solutions for the dairy industry. Analyse milk at-line and in process.
Q-Interline offers analytical solutions for agriculture. Representative analysis of hay, grass, soil, and more

Analysis of even heterogenic agricultural samples​

Our analysers can be adapted to work on nearly any organic heterogenic agricultural sample type, using unique innovative sampling accessories. ​

​You get the best presentation and sampling solution for most representative analysis. ​With our Quant and sampling accessories you get a precise analysis of your agricultural products in an easy and cost efficient way. You get a better use of your product with less waste.​

Flexible and unique solution for analysing food & ingredients

Use the same base analyser for all products with easy interchangeable accessories. You get a unique solution for analysing liquids ideal for also plant-based drinks. ​

You can get sampling solutions for powders and more heterogenic products. Leading examples are dust sealed sample containers and efficient handling of pasty products and gels.​

Q-Interline offers analytical solutions for analysing food & ingredients. Analyse powders at-line and in-line with NIR-technology.
Analyse feed for farm animals, pets, and other animals in your lab with the Quant analyser and the Bottle Sampler

Quick and easy analysis of your feed products and raw material

Use the Quant analyser to determine the nutritional composition in the feed and forage.

With the Quant and the right sampling accessory you can analyse both the raw material and your final feed product – using the same base analyser and interchangeable sampling accessories.

Analysers for educational and research purposes​

Q-Interline’s solutions are built on the Theory of Sampling. Technology and research is important to Q-Interline and we are proud to sell our analysers for research and teaching purposes.​

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    Q-Interline offers analytical solutions for laboratories and educational purposes.

    No obstruction of the process for chemical industry​

    FT-NIR technology is the core of the technology in the Q-Interline analysers. ​Our solutions can handle in-process sample analysis which helps you comply with the strict legislation demanding that release of products can only be done by the official methods.

    We only sell to the chemical industry in the Nordic countries.​

    Q-Interline offers analytical solutions for the chemical industry in the Nordics
    Q-Interline offers analytical solutions for the Pharma industry in the Nordics

    We work naturally with all the Q’s – IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ ​

    Q-Interline was the first Nordic supplier to pioneer the NIR and the FT-NIR technology with 100% raw-material identification as one of the first striking applications and we have supplied to all major players in the Nordic market.​

    We only sell to pharma in the Nordic countries.​

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