Easy and precise dairy tests with Q-Interline’s FT-NIR dairy analysers

Quant analyser from Q-Interline. All sampling options for analysing your dairy products at-line

​Analyse all dairy products in-line and at-line

Choosing Q-Interline you get a committed partner continuously developing new sampling solutions to meet your needs for testing your dairy products.

You can get both in-line real-time product analysis and at-line laboratory quality assurance solutions.

With customers in more than 40 countries worldwide we sell to both small customers and multinational dairies using our experience for your benefit.

With the Quant you can test and analyse all dairy products, like:

  • Milk – from skim to cream
  • Flavoured milk drinks
  • Yoghurt and skyr
  • Concentrates
  • Mascarpone and more
  • Butter and spreads
  • Mozzarella
  • Powders
  • WPC
  • Processed cheese
  • Hard cheese
  • Cream cheese

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    At-line milk analysis with stable calibrations and no flushing

    Get a representative analysis of samples ranging from cream, mascarpone, milk to the vast product range derived from milk with the DairyQuant GO dairy analyser. You take the sample with the patented Pivette®, test your dairy product, and dispose of the Pivette® after measurement leaving no product in the instrument.​

    • Stable calibrations over time​
    • No weekly nor daily adjustments​
    • No cleaning and no chemicals needed​
    • No flushing in between samples​
    • No carry-over​
    DairyQuant GO from Q-Interline for at-line milk analysis. Pivette Sealer, Pivette Sampler, InfraQuant software
    InSightView, intuitive and multilingual software for inline analyzer. For inline analytics. InSight Pro cabinet

    Reliable in-line FT-NIR dairy analysis with InSight Pro

    Real-time process insights with one or two measuring points. With this FT-NIR solution you can test your dairy product in-line and get a precise analysis of your liquids, semi solids or powdered product. ​

    Transfer your at-line calibration data to your in-line analysis solution. We ensure fast return on investment also with remote installation. Always up and running with fast start-up after production pause and with link to cloud-based surveillance for your reassurance 24/7​.

    Ideal at-line dairy tests for quality assurance

    Get a non-destructive and representative product analysis with no need for cleaning in between different samples. The sample containers are either inexpensive or reusable, minimising your costs per analysis.

    The Quant requires no hardware maintenance, and the light source
    and laser have an expected average lifetime of 10 years.

    You can get a series of sampling accessories – the base analyser and the technology remain the same.

    Try it out and see what you think!

    NIR Spectrometer - near infrared spectroscopy with Quant analyser. Many sampling options.
    Butter analysis with the Quant with Cup Sampler. Never seen easier

    Butter analysis turned upside down

    Use the Cup Sampler for easy butter testing – with no cleaning in between different samples. ​Simply: fill, scrape, analyse!

    With the Cup Sampler the analyser measures your sample from the top. This means you can re-use the cup for several samples with no cleaning in between and get a fully representative and precise test of your butter or other similar dairy product.

    The cup is made of a plastic material and is therefore safe to use in your production area. The Cup Sampler makes your butter production smoother. Ideal for analysis of:

    • Butter
    • Spreads
    • Margarine

    Representative and smart powder and cheese testing

    With the Bottle Sampler you analyse your sample in a sealed sampling container. The container spins during analysis giving you a fully representative analysis result.

    The Bottle Sampler is ideal for testing of:

    • Milk powder
    • WPC
    • Processed cheese
    • Grated cheese

    The sealed sampling container makes it possible for you to prepare many samples in advance. The Bottle Sampler can even be used in automated testing processes.

    Analyse flour and powders in-line and at-line with Q-Interline's NIR solutions
    Analyse cottage cheese and more in the Quant with Petri Sampler from Q-Interline

    Easy and fast choice for testing cheese and powders

    Using the Petri Sampler makes it fast and easy for you to prepare your samples. The petri dish spins during analysis mixing the sample for a fully representative result.

    The Petri Sampler is ideal for testing of:

    • Milk powder
    • WPC
    • Processed cheese
    • Grated cheese
    • Cottage cheese
    • Hard cheese

    Find the solution suited for your product

    Find below your product and links to our solutions both for at-line and in-line.

    Your productOur lab/at-line solutionOur in-line solution
    MilkDairyQuant GOInSight Pro with Transmission Cell
    Butter and spreadsCup SamplerInSight Pro with Reflectance Probe
    MozzarellaPetri SamplerInSight Pro with Reflectance Probe
    Milk powderBottle SamplerInSight Pro with Spoon Probe
    WPCBottle SamplerInSight Pro with Spoon Probe
    Hard cheesePetri Sampler
    Processed cheesePetri SamplerInSight Pro with Reflectance Probe

    Online surveillance for proactive reactions to issues​

    With our cloud-based surveillance tool, AnalyticTrust®, you

    • Have your data automatically stored in a safe place
    • Get a 24/7 surveillance on instrument performance and variations in calibration data
    • Get an alert if an issue occurs, so you can react before it becomes a problem for your production ​
    • Can keep control of your data and always base your decisions on trustworthy results.

    AnalyticTrust can be a part of your support agreement.

    Online surveillance tool, AnalyticTrust. Illustration showing the data flow and opportunities.
    Q-Interline support on-line and on-site. Fast and dedicated support

    With a support agreement we have your back

    Select the support level that fits your business best whether you need full support or have your own instrument managers on-site.

    The analyser doesn’t bring any changes until the results are validated and the results are used in a new way – you can get our support on data insights and using your data for quality and process improvements. We are committed and focus on your success with the analysers in both the short and long term.​

    ​The analyser is built to last. The support is designed to matter.​

    Your NIR partner and sampling expert​

    Your success and the value you get from our FT-NIR analysers are essential to us. We are more than a supplier, we are your NIR partner.

    We are sampling experts and we specialise in sampling solutions offering the best presentation and handling of product samples for your most representative analysis.

    You get a 3-year hardware warranty and no annual service is needed. Our analysers are built to last.

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