Quick and easy NIR-analysis of your feed products and pet food

FT NIR analyzer for at-line laboratory product analysis. Nir laboratory equipment.

Ideal laboratory NIR-analysis ​

With the Quant analyser you can find the ideal sampling solution for your pet food or other feed product – both analysing your raw material and your final product. You can get your analysis results within a few minutes and the analyser is easy to use. ​

Place the analyser in the lab or where you need it. You need no hardware maintenance, and the light source and laser have an expected avg lifetime of 10 years.

Try it out and see what you think!

For analysis of small pellets and powders​

The sealed sampling containers spins during analysis mixing the sample for a representative analysis.

You can reuse the containers and you can prepare many samples in advance. The sampling containers with lids enable you to automate your analysis process or send the samples for reference in the sampling containers. ​

The Bottle Sampler is ideal for:

  • Cattle feed
  • Pig feed
  • Poultry feed
  • Pet food
Analyse feed for farm animals, pets, and other animals in your lab with the Quant analyser and the Bottle Sampler
Fish in a bucket. Analyse your fish and bone meal with the Quant with Petri Sampler fast and easy sampling.

Easy and fast analysis of fish and bone meal​

It is fast and easy to prepare your sample in the petri dish. The Petri Sampler spins the sample during analysis mixing the sample for a representative result.

You can use the Petri Sampler for:

  • Fish meal
  • Meat & bone meal
  • and more

Analyse your fats and oils with our Vial Sampler

With the Vial Sampler you analyse your liquid in small glass vials. There are 8 positions for pre-heating and making samples ready for measurement.

Use the Vial Sampler for:

  • Oils
  • Molasse
  • Fats
  • Lecithin
Analyse oils and fats for feed production with the Quant with Vial Sampler
Q-Interline support on-line and on-site. Fast and dedicated support

With a support agreement we have your back

Select the support level that fits your business best whether you need full support or have your own instrument managers on-site.

The analyser doesn’t bring any changes until the results are validated and the results are used in a new way – you can get our support on data insights and using your data for quality and process improvements. We are committed and focus on your success with the analysers in both the short and long term.​

​The analyser is built to last. The support is designed to matter.​

Your NIR partner and sampling expert​

Your success and the value you get from our FT-NIR analysers are essential to us. We are more than a supplier, we are your NIR partner.

We are sampling experts, and we specialise in sampling solutions offering the best presentation and handling of product samples for your most representative analysis.

You get a 3-year hardware warranty, and no annual service is needed. Our analysers are built to last.

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