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Who we are

Established in 1996, Q-Interline offers comprehensive experience and know-how in the field of process and product quality optimisation. We value customer effect and our unique project model is aimed at maximising our customers’ success. We believe that technology matters and the efficiency of our analysers builds on leading analyser technology and correct sampling. We understand and believe in proper validation and working only with trusted data. This ensures the highest quality of our customers’ end products within the dairy, agricultural, food and pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Superior technology and sampling 

The Quant, a unique state-of-the-art FT-NIR spectrometer engine, is used for everything we do!  

We develop, patent and produce many different accessories to analyse nearly all types of samples and materials, but the base analyser remains the same. This translates to endless possibilities for our customers.

Real-time process analysis 

Get analysis results in real time and follow your process closely during start-up and production. The InSight Pro can measure liquids, powders and everything in-between – with up to two measurement points pr system.

The user interface InsightView offers innovative new features to support optimal performance with a minimum workload and cost.


Increase your profit

AnalyticTrust is a powerful instrument quality management tool that secures the accuracy of your instruments across sites and departments. Discard the hassle of controlling your instruments and let AnalyticTrust do the hard work. AnalyticTrust is the veracity in Big Data.


Welcome to the technology section in which we highlight some of the important technologies we use in the Q-Interline solutions. This section provides you with a deeper understanding of the products, but it is far from necessary to understand it all in order to use the products with great value. Some of the information is even a bit nerdy.

We have chosen to focus on four essential themes each important to a complete solution intended to last for many years. We recommend a balanced focus on all four as this will provide the best overall performance.

25th anniversary poster

The first edition of the poster dates back to the 90’s. A new updated version has been released to mark and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Q-Interline.

Innovation together with the EU

Being a high-tech company in Region Zealand, Denmark, Q-Interline was identified as a potential candidate to receive funding from the European Union to develop the export business and create jobs outside of Copenhagen.

Invest in Q-Interline

From 16th of November we are listed on Nasdaq First North Denmark. We have spend 25 years on developing the best analysers in the world and becoming the most competent tech-house in our industry. Q-Interline is now accelerating the growth by deploying investments in new subsidiaries in Europe and USA over the next 4 years.

The investor relation site and all materials only exists in Danish.