Choose between our three main product lines


FT-NIR analyser for at-line product analysis

The Quant, a unique state-of-the-art FT-NIR spectrometer engine, is used for everything we do.  We develop, patent, and produce many different accessories to handle nearly all types of samples and materials, but the base analyser remains the same. 

  • One spectral format to handle across all applications 
  • Same spare parts fits all analysers 
  • Same software across all applications 
  • Same LIMS interface for all applications 
  • Easier operator training 

InSight Pro

In-line FT-NIR process analyser

We have developed the InSight Pro concept to offer a modern future-ready analyser solution based on the same engine we use and trust in all our Quant solutions. We have taken all unnecessary complexity out of the equation to offer a high-end solution that is easy to install and easy to use run for years.

  • Up to two In-line measuring heads
  • Close to process
  • User friendly software
  • Cabinets made for cleaning

DairyQuant GO

Analyser for all liquid and semi-solid dairy products

We deliver on a promise to eliminate the troublemakers in traditional analysers.
DairyQuant GO does not require your attention on a daily or weekly basis to operate at optimal performance. There is no wear and tear on instrument parts, no risk of blocking, no air in the system, no need for special cleaning and no drift on the measurement cell.

  • No cleaning
  • No carry over
  • Fast analysis
  • No maintenance

Get to know our front-end software


User interface for all at-line analysers

InfraQuant is included with all Quant systems as the user interface to run the analyser. InfraQuant offers an easy-to-use platform to streamline QC operations and produce analytical results of high and trusted quality.

  • Runs on up-to-date windows 10   
  • Intuitive and easy to use without training  
  • Multiple user languages  
  • Easy link to AnalyticTrust for instrument surveillance and QA  
  • Easy link to LIMS 


User interface for all in-line analysers

InSightView is the frontend software to monitor and control the daily operation of the InSight Pro analyser concept. InSightView offers a full overview of the measurement results and validity, running average, trend curves, etc. in a simple and efficient way.

  • Runs on up-to-date windows 10
  • Intuitive and easy to use without training  
  • Multiple user languages  
  • Easy link to AnalyticTrust for instrument surveillance and QA  
  • Easy link to LIMS

Secure your investment and ensure product quality


24/7 intelligent performance surveillance

You have already ensured the benefit of quick sample measurement with technologies such as
FT-IR and FT-NIR. Taking a sample and measuring specific content can now be achieved in minutes rather than days. Your company has improved its ability to produce goods according to specifications and is saving significant money using fast and reliable instruments.

AnalyticTrust helps you answer 5 critical questions:

  1. Is the hardware okay?
  2. How about the lab precision?
  3. What is the influence of sampling errors?
  4. How precise is the analyser?
  5. What level af agreement can I trust between the lab and the analyser?

Support Agreements

Scalable support to match your needs

For years, our analytical solutions are free from scheduled preventive maintenance. However, the PC and the installed software might experience challenges and changes in product line and personnel might occur.
Through our support agreement, we have your back and can ensure an effective process flow despite any changes in your production.

Choose the level of support that fits your specific needs. Our flexible three-stage support
agreement provides you with external support that can be scaled based on your changing needs.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Premium