Q-Interline wins another large order at worldwide dairy

The collaboration with one of the world’s largest dairy giants is now expanded again with the largest order to date for a total of four DairyQuant GO analysers for measuring plant-based drinks. The order does not change the announced guidance for 2024.

DairyQuant GO, an easy to use at-line milk analysis instrument. Pivette Sampler, Pivette Sealer

Mid-2023, Q-Interline signed an agreement with one of the world’s largest dairy companies for the supply of analytical instruments for measuring plant-based drinks. The agreement, which is global in scope, has so far only covered deliveries in France and Belgium. With this order, which is the largest order to date for the dairy group, the UK joins the list of countries where this global dairy giant will benefit from Q-Interline’s analytical instruments and expertise.

Plant-based drinks are becoming more and more popular in recent years, and the trend continues in many parts of the world. Many dairy companies are either setting up new or remodelling existing production facilities to meet the growing demand for plant-based drinks.

“The composition of plant-based drinks is relatively complex and there are large variations in the raw materials due to seasonal changes, changing weather conditions and different suppliers from many countries. This makes it difficult to measure plant-based drinks and places great demands on both the robustness and precision of the analytical instruments,” says CEO Martin R. Henriksen. Henriksen, and he continues: “Our DairyQuant GO analysis solution is designed to handle both regular dairy products, but in particular also the measurement of complex and heterogeneous liquid products such as plant-based drinks”.

With DairyQuant GO, Q-Interline has a unique technology for measuring liquid and creamy dairy products and plant-based drinks with a complex composition. With DairyQuant GO, the product to be analysed will not come into contact with the analyser itself but is analysed in a Pivette®.  The analyser can analyse even challenging and complex product samples, and the instrument needs no cleaning between each analysis, even when analysing different products, which is a major advantage.

With this order, Q-Interline has delivered a total of eight DairyQuant GO analysers to this global customer in just nine months.

“With this large order, we cement our position with one of the world’s largest players in the dairy sector, which we are of course very proud of,” says CEO Martin R. Henriksen.

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