Q-Interline established subsidiary in North America

Q-Interline now officially has a subsidiary, Q-Interline Inc., in North America and with this comes a huge potential in one of the World’s largest markets for agriculture, food- and dairy production.

Establishing the subsidiary in North America was an important milestone in the Q-Interline strategy.

Sales Director, Søren Wiborg says; ” we have actively worked with the market the last two years, and we have now built market insights, a valuable network, and a solid pipeline – a great foundation for the establishment of our own subsidiary.

Huge potential for both in-line and laboratory solutions

For more than 10 years, Q-Interline has been a supplier and NIR-partner for both in-line and laboratory solutions for one of the largest butter producers in North America, located in Wisconsin.

” Through all the years, we have had a close collaboration with this customer. And there is a potential for more business with them with the establishment of our subsidiary and our local office with a strong local team. Also, it will be easier to win other butter producers”, says Sales Director, Søren Wiborg. In North America, they produce almost the same amount of butter yearly as France and Germany together.

The production volume in North America is a huge potential for Q-Interline’s in-line solution for optimization of production, and for producers to utilize their raw material in the best way possible and save resources without compromising product quality. For instance, North America has the World’s largest production of mozzarella, which is a product Q-Interline has extensive experience measuring in-line at leading European production sites.

Plant-based food and the extensive utilization of raw material leading to new types of end products within food and ingredients is a fast-growing industry in the North America. This leads to a huge potential for the unique laboratory solution from Q-Interline, the DairyQuant GO, which is particularly suited for measuring plant-based liquids and creamy products.

Many special types of cheese and other food products are produced in North America, and quality matters – not just volume. The product needs to taste the same every time and it needs to be of high quality. Often contests are being held to honour best cheese or another food product. Q-Interline has a unique solution with the Quant, where same base instrument and same technology is used for all types of analysis and for both laboratory and in-line analysis. The Quant solution can give great value to customers all over North America – both giant customers and smaller customers.

Great distances in North America are just an advantage for Q-Interline

The great distances in North America make Q-Interline’s maintenance-free instruments even more attractive, as do the possibility of remote installation and 24/7 cloud-based instrument surveillance.

Q-Interline’s solutions require no planned service nor yearly maintenance and Q-Interline’s customers save a lot of money with no need for a service-agreement. Also, there is no waiting for a service-check and no delay in production which can mean a lot of money saved. Q-Interline’s instruments can run for years with no yearly service nor change of NIR-lamps.

Boots on the ground

It is essential to be close to the customers in regards of time zones, culture, and understanding market dynamics. The process of finding local employees has already started and they will be located in ’America’s Dairyland’, Wisconsin.

Sales Director, Søren Wiborg says; ” we learned from building our subsidiaries in Germany and France, that from the beginning we need to hire a team of skilled and experienced employees complementing each other, accelerating the company.” Søren Wiborg continues; ” Also, we are far in the process finding the best location for our new office and getting all necessary details in place for a successful start.”

The establishment of Q-Interline Inc was made in close collaboration with Dansk Industri and currently the official company address is with the lawyer in New York. Besides subsidiaries in North America, Q-Interline has a subsidiary and office in Germany and in France.

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