Milk analysers for dairy tests

If you’re in the dairy industry, you know the importance of accurately measuring milk quality. Milk analysers are an essential tool for milk collection centers, dairy farms, and milk processing plants.

The benefits of analysing milk with an FT-NIR instrument

Analysing your milk products with an FT-NIR milk analyser instrument gives you many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Quality assurance – By measuring milk composition, milk analysers can help you identify quality issues and adjust your processes to ensure that your milk meets quality standards.
  • Cost savings – With milk analysers, you can quickly identify milk quality issues and take action to prevent spoilage or contamination. This can help you save money by reducing waste and improving efficiency.
  • Less waste – With the right in-line milk analyser you can reduce waste in the cleaning process by measuring exactly when the pipes are flushed. Also, you can reduce waste by using your milk analyser to identify quality issues fast and pause production before wasting too much product.
  • Compliance – Milk analysers can help you comply with regulatory requirements by ensuring that your milk meets specific composition standards.
  • Customer satisfaction – With milk analysers, you can ensure that your milk is of consistent quality and always taste the same, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and ensure your business.

Avoid the typical challenges when testing milk

NIR Spectrometer - near infrared spectroscopy with Quant analyser. Many sampling options.

Using a milk analyser both in the process-line and in a laboratory setting has many advantages for dairies. Analyzing your milk in-line gives you the possibility to use the data insights to optimize your production process. The in-line milk analyser can help you:

  • get the most out of your raw milk
  • reduce waste
  • lower your energy consumption,
  • and optimize your production process
  • without compromising the quality of your end product.

Accuracy is important. You need a milk analyser providing reliable measurements of milk composition, including fat, protein, lactose, and total solids and you need to be confident that you’re getting accurate measurements every time.

Analyzing your milk at-line has a focus on quality assurance. But the process still needs to be smooth and you need to get a fast result not to slow down your processes and daily routines.

Q-Interline’s milk analysers are always ready for your next sampling

Q-Interline offers milk analysers for both in-line process analysis – InSight Pro – and for at-line laboratory quality assurance – DairyQuant GO.

DairyQuant GO from Q-Interline for at-line milk analysis. Pivette Sealer, Pivette Sampler, InfraQuant software

Our analysers are based on FT-NIR-spectroscopy. FT-NIR stands for Fourier Transform Near InfraRed and is a fully digital technology that provides access to the entire spectrum but with extremely low noise and very high stability. This means that the calibration lasts longer and that the improved sensitivity and repeatability can detect smaller processes and variations with more precise degrees of certainty.

Our milk analysers deliver fast results, providing you with measurements in minutes, rather than hours or days. This speed means that you can quickly adjust your processes if necessary, ensuring that your milk meets quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Q-Interline’s milk analysers are designed to be easy to use, even for those who are new to milk testing. They come with multi-lingual and user-friendly software that makes it simple to input data and receive results. Also, our analysers are easy to maintain, so you can focus on your operations rather than maintenance.

InSight Pro – for in-line milk analysis

Analyse your milk in-line for optimization of your production process. The InSight Pro gives you a fast and precise result meaning you can save product in the cleaning and flushing process, knowing exactly when your pipes are flushed and ready to use.

InSightView, intuitive and multilingual software for inline analyzer. For inline analytics. InSight Pro cabinet

You can have two measuring points with the same base instrument analysing both milk and powder if you like.

Also, you can re-use your calibration data from your Q-Interline at-line milk analyser and get a fast return on investment with our full implementation support.

Technological game changer for at-line milk testing

DairyQuant GO for at-line milk analysis with no cleaning and no flush

You can analyse cream, raw milk, followed by skim milk with no need to clean nor flush the analyser in between samples.

25+ years of experience with milk analysers

Our in-depth involvement with the dairy industry over the past 25 years, have put us in a unique position to create the basis for our milk analyser solutions. We have carried out hundreds of projects in dozens of countries, on many different levels of scale. That enables us to provide the level of support you need for analysis – we are here to help!

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