InfraQuant – easy and secure interface to run the Quant analyser ​

DairyQuant GO from Q-Interline for at-line milk analysis. Pivette Sealer, Pivette Sampler, InfraQuant software

InfraQuant is an easy-to-use software platform to streamline QC operations and produce analytical results of high and trusted quality. ​

You get a simple to use but highly configurable tool. ​

The software guides you through the analysis sequence with information messages, warnings and reminders. With InfraQuant you can be sure to get consistent results independent of operator skills and experience.​

Software highlights  ​

  • Runs on up-to-date windows 10   ​
  • Intuitive and easy to use without training  ​
  • Multiple language options​
  • Easy link to AnalyticTrust® for instrument surveillance and QA  ​
  • Easy link to LIMS ​
InfraQuant software for Quant laboratory FT NIR analyser. Intuitive and multilingual.
Illustration of the Q-Interline software, InfraQuant, InSightView

Simple user interface with only necessary choices​

  • Choose the product from the list ​
  • Follow the on-screen guidance ​
  • After filling in sample ID the analyser will ask for the sample and automatically run the scanning and analysis sequence​
  • The results appear in colours reflecting the validity of the results ​
  • You can see trend-curves and add comments or mark the sample as a calibration sample​

Your NIR partner and sampling expert​

Your success and the value you get from our FT-NIR analysers are essential to us. We are more than a supplier, we are your NIR partner.​

We are sampling experts, and we specialise in sampling solutions offering the best presentation and handling of product samples for your most representative analysis. ​ ​

You get a 3-year warranty, and no annual service is needed. Our analysers are built to last.

InternetOfThings. Q-Interline technology. Cloudbased software surveillance solution

LIMS connectivity and external PC ​

InfraQuant is prepared for LIMS connectivity and requires no additional software or licences. At the end of each analysis cycle an XML file is saved in a directory of the supervisor’s choice, thus making LIMS connectivity as easy as it could possibly get.​

A secure and updated software​

When we develop a new feature for one customer all customers will benefit from the upgrade making the annual service update worth the investment. It also allows updates related to new Windows versions and offer upgrades almost instantly after the release of a major new Windows version. This means you can work with an updated platform. ​

Quant FT NIR analyzer from Q-Interline. Same technology for alle sampling accessories.
Online surveillance tool, AnalyticTrust. Illustration showing the data flow and opportunities.

Intelligent analytics and surveillance with AnalyticTrust​®

Connect your analysers to the cloud-based surveillance tool AnalyticTrust® via InfraQuant​

  • Secure the performance of your analyser and the consistency in the analysis results 24/7 ​
  • Keep control of your data and always base your decisions on trustworthy results. ​
  • Keep a safe backup of your calibrations in one place. ​

Run your process closer to target and make more profit!

With a support agreement we have your back​

Select the support level that fits your business best whether you need full support or have your own instrument managers on-site.

The analyser doesn’t bring any changes until the results are validated and the results are used in a new way – you can get our support on data insights and using your data for quality and process improvements. We are committed and focus on your success with the analysers in both the short and long term.​

​The analyser is built to last. The support is designed to matter.​

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