Q-Interline just won the first order from a customer in Egypt

We have now sold our analytical instruments in 44 countries with the order from the largest Saudi Arabian dairy group to one of their sites in Egypt, which is part of the MENA district.

DairyQuant GO from Q-Interline for at-line milk analysis. Pivette Sealer, Pivette Sampler, InfraQuant software

The initial contact with this dairy group started in the Anuga fair in Cologne in March, less than three months ago. A team of engineers, product owners, and the Procurement Director visited the Q-Interline booth and were very interested to hear about our solutions.

”Their decision to place an order came extremely fast compared to the normal procedures and decision making which can take years in this business,” says CEO Martin Henriksen and continues, ”we had several close dialogues in the Anuga fair and we demonstrated to functionality and unique features of the DairyQuant GO which lead to the sale even without a test period”.

The large dairy group has bought a DairyQuant GO milk analyser to measure cheese milk and more. With this sale we will get continuous sale of Pivettes® and potentially also a support agreement and license for the cloud-based surveillance tool, AnalyticTrust.  

The short period from initial contact to the place of the order again shows the interest in and demand for Q-Interline’s maintenance free milk analyser. This is the first analytical instrument sold to this giant dairy group which means Q-Interline has got a new large customer with huge potential to sell more at-line analysers and to sell InSight Pro solutions for measuring directly in the process line.

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