The pharmaceutical and life science industry is similar to the chemical industry in that it employs chemists and uses spectroscopy as a regular tool in many forms such as UV-VIS and FT-IR. 
The industry adapted to NIR and especially the FT-NIR technology in the late 90’ies with 100% raw-material identification as one of the first striking applications. This is now the de-facto standard at world leaders in the industry. 
Q-Interline was the first Nordic supplier to pioneer this area and have supplied to all major players in the market.

The industry is heavily regulated by the European, American, and other  pharmacopeia legislation bodies. This means not all feasible applications can be implemented based on NIR, but all in-process analysis improving safety and yield is allowed, provided it follows the “pharma-way-of-doing-things”. 
With 25 years of experience we have adapted the “pharma-way-of-doing-things” and work naturally with all the Q’s – IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ and no one from
Q-Interline would ever sign an IQ with a regular pen!  

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