The chemical industry uses spectroscopy as a regular tool in many forms such as UV-VIS and FT-IR. 
The industry adapted to the NIR and especially the FT-NIR technology in the beginning of the 90’ies and our base technology has been utilized ever since in very diverse applications. 
The industry is in many areas regulated by legislation demanding that release of products can only be done by the official methods, but the industry has learned to utilize the options to run in-process analysis and control the process. That is where Q-Interline and our partners can supply solutions. 

We offer an analyser for the laboratory as well as the process and we have extensive experience in designing and building tailor-made optical cells and probes in a wide range of materials. 
Having full control of the entire manufacturing process of probes, cells and optical fiber cables allows us to full-fill many demanding applications. 
Our experienced technical staff going on-site understands the extended safety requirements and are trained to operate under special conditions with a keen focus on safety first. 

Understand our commitments

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  • We believe in validation and trusted data