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Unique and patented FT-NIR analyzers for Quality Control

Unique butter analysis

Producing butter or cottage cheese? Looking for the easiest and still fully representative analysis solution?

With the Quant with Cup Sampler you simply add the product into the small plastic cup and scrape – the analyser measure from the top, so no need to clean the cup between samples.

Dairy analysis with no carry-over

The DairyQuant GO is always ready for the next product sample for at-line quality control. Use the same instrument for analysis of all liquid and pasty product samples e.g., mascarpone, curd, cream, and skimmed milk

No carry-over, no flushing, no weekly nor daily adjustments, no cleaning between samples.

How can we help your business?

We have +26 years of experience with FT-NIR analysers in the dairy industry.

We help our customers better utilize their raw material and produce at scale with low energy consumption and at high quality.

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In-line process optimization

Smooth production flow with our NIR analysis.

Analyse fat, oily and non-fat liquids, creamy and semi-solid products, or powders in-line. Even transfer calibrations from at-line to in-line.
And Q-Interline’s FT NIR analysers require no maintenance nor cleaning.

  • Faster start-up after production pause
  • Stable process
  • Less waste and rework
  • Energy optimization
  • Predictability

Q-Interline in numbers…


instruments sold worldwide


non-performance return


% of support cases resolved in less than a week

…But you’re not just a number to us

At Q-Interline, our friendly and highly competent application specialists are on hand to support you all the way. From a simple setup right the way through to ensuring you get the best out of your analysers — we make it our business to ensure easy implementation and great results for your business.

5 reasons you should
choose Q-Interline

You get a NIR partner

We support you all the way and make sure you get a fast return on investment getting the most out of your analysers after installation.

Most representative product analysis

We are sampling experts. With our analysers and unique sampling accessories you get the best presentation and handling of product samples for most representative analysis.

One base analyser endless possibilities

Same base analyser and same calibrations used for at-line and in-line analysis. Numerous accessories for analyzing all product types effectively.

24/7 surveillance

Take the worry out of the process. With built-in surveillance round the clock, you won’t miss a thing.

Fully online maintenance free instruments

Our analysers are built to last and you get a 3-year warranty. No annual service but remote support is possible if needed.

We are sampling experts

With our unique sampling accessories we ensure you get the most representative product analysis and optimal operator work flows.

We offer unique sampling solutions for both at-line and in-line analysis and for a long list of products, e.g. milk, butter, powders, mascarpone, mozzarella, plant-based drinks or other products.

We believe that precise representative sampling should also be easy to handle and help you lower energy consumption.

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