in Quality Control so you can produce at scale and with high quality.

With tight margins and high-quality standards, moving quickly but thoroughly is essential to a successful dairy business. That’s why Q-Interline’s InSight Pro analyzers exist: to cut the friction in Quality Control so you can produce at scale and with high quality.

Ensure smooth operations

Sending your samples away to the lab costs your business time and money. There’s a better way. Skip the middleman by using Q-Interline’s InSight Pro NIR-analyzer in-line to optimize your production processes.

Technological innovation

By integrating our cutting-edge dairy analyzers into your production line, you can be fast, flexible, and fine tune your processes as you go. InSight Pro utilizes data built up over many years to seamlessly identify various substances within dairy produce. And, with the built-in InSightView software, you’ll have access to real-time insights.

Q-Interline in numbers…


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…But you’re not just a number to us

At Q-Interline, our friendly and highly competent application specialists are on hand to support you all the way. From a simple setup right the way through to ensuring you get the best out of your analyzers — we make it our business to ensure easy implementation and great results for your business.

5 reasons you should
go for the InSight Pro

Reduce waste and rework

With full insight into the process, you can get the data and intelligence to reduce product waste, rework, and — ultimately — cost.

Faster start-up.

Get up and running rapidly with less waste after production breaks. Act on insights, fully supervised and optimized by Q-Interline.

Produce closer to target.

With real-time process analysis, it’s simple to meet product quality targets.

24/7 surveillance.

Take the worry out of the process. With built-in surveillance round the clock, you won’t miss a thing.

1-2 measuring points.

InSight Pro comes with one or two measuring heads for ensuring accuracy in critical points of your process.

Analyze these dairy products in-line

  • Milk
  • Butters and spreads
  • Mozzarella
  • Milk powder
  • WPC
  • Hard cheese
  • Processed cheese

Find the right balance

Productivity vs. Quality. Who says you can’t have them both?

Take control of Quality Control and keep your Production Manager AND your Quality Manager happy at the same time. You can ensure full transparency in your operations and reduce product waste — and achieve cost savings in the process.

How can we help your business?

At Q-Interline we can bring our process optimization expertise to your production line.
Let’s set up an online meeting to discuss your options.

Stay in constant motion*

*No, really. There is no caveat.

Q-Interline’s innovative dairy analyzers have no moving parts and require absolutely no maintenance or cleaning. There’s no need for an expensive service agreement contract and we even offer a 3-year warranty on all our instruments. At Q-Interline, we are committed to keeping your operations moving.

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