What we offer the dairy industry

Experience and know-how

With 25 years of experience and in-depth involvement in the dairy industry,
Q-Interline has obtained solid knowledge of processes and operations in the global dairy sector, ranging from milk intake in QC laboratories to extensive experience in real-time process analysis. We can proudly say that we have carried out hundreds of projects in 40 countries to date, installed in a wide range of the top dairy groups in the world. This makes Q-Interline a strong and reliable partner, as we understand the needs and requirements of the industry and supply a total analytical measurement solution.

Many of our solutions have been developed together with customers seeking new innovative and value adding answers to well-known challenges, and our unique combination of curiosity and skills present in our team has formed the basis of several patents and new products now available. Two good examples are the new innovative solution for challenging liquid milk analysis DairyQuant GO and the future-ready
InSight Pro for in-line analysis directly in the process.

We offer analyser configurations able to handle samples ranging from soil, grass, forage and milk to the vast product range derived from milk. We understand and acknowledge that good dairy product quality starts with optimal protein/fat constitutions of milk, which again links further back in the value chain.

We acknowledge that our customers are busy, and processes run 24/7. That is why we offer support in a scalable structure, allowing our customers to choose the relevant level at all times.

InSight Pro in line dairy analyzer. Milk fat analyzer. Mozzarella analyzer and more.

Understand our commitments

  • We invest in technology that matters 
  • We value customer effect
  • We believe in validation and trusted data

Solution – highlights

Our analysers are used in the laboratory as well as in the process for a wide range of applications. Some applications are developed for specific unique customer applications whereas other applications are of more general nature. Below is a table of standard product highlights. If you have other products than mentioned feel free to give us a call – there is a good chance that we have seen something similar in the past 25 years.

ProductLaboratory UnitIn-line Process Unit
Milk✓ – Read more✓ – Read more
Butter and spreads✓ – Read more✓ – Read more
Mozarella✓ – Read more
Milk powder✓ – Read more✓ – Read more
WPC✓ – Read more✓ – Read more
Hard cheese✓ – Read more
Processed cheese✓ – Read more✓ – Read more