What we offer within agriculture

Committed to nature

Our involvement in the agricultural segment stretches back to the beginning of the company’s history. Our high-end spectroscopic technology and everlasting focus on proper and representative sampling is the ideal platform for agricultural spectroscopy.

Our good reputation and a positive word from a fellow scientist are by far our best advertising in this field, and we are proud of the continuous flow of contacts from customers around the world with specific needs not solvable using regular products on the market.

Customers find in our team a reliable and competent partner driven by curiosity and commitment, and from that new innovative solutions have emerged over the years. The best ideas have been patented.

We offer agricultural laboratories a range of analyser configurations, each ideally suited to handle the ever-present heterogeneity in samples present in this business segment.

Sampling the real world

We take sampling very seriously and our analysers can be adapted to work on nearly any organic heterogenic agricultural sample type, using unique innovative sampling accessories. Leading examples are the sealed containers in the tumbling jars of the bottle sampler or the revolution in grass/hey/silage analysis – the Spiral Sampler.

We work together with our customers to ensure that a representative sample reaches the laboratory from the primary sampling, and our analyser secures a workflow-efficient and representative scanning of the sample, allowing the entire sample and all its particles to become part of the spectrum and results. Only in this way we can help provide results that are not biased and will hence provide the user with the highest potential effect

Understand our commitments

  • We invest in technology that matters 
  • We value customer effect
  • We believe in validation and trusted data

Solution – highlights

Our analysers are used in the laboratory as well as in the process for a wide range of applications. Some applications are developed for specific unique customer applications whereas other applications are of more general nature. Below is a table of standard product highlights. If you have other products than mentioned feel free to give us a call – there is a good chance that we have seen something similar in the past 25 years.

ProductLaboratory UnitIn-line Process Unit
Soil✓ – Read more
Wet silage✓ – Read more
Dry silage✓ – Read more
Fish meal✓ – Read more✓ – Read more
Meat & bone meal✓ – Read more✓ – Read more
Feed & feed ingredients✓ – Read more