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For years, our analytical solutions are free from scheduled preventive maintenance. The PC and the installed software will however potentially not run for 10 years and product line and personnel changes might occur. Through our support agreement, we have your back and can ensure an effective process flow despite any changes in your production.

All analytical instruments need to undergo regular surveillance and with appropriate intervals for upgrades to ensure optimal performance and extended lifetime. To ensure value and to enable tight, close to optimal, process control, the equipment’s application needs to be maintained. Our support agreement includes surveillance of the analyser hardware, PC and the software, training of personnel, maintenance of reference- and control methods and the maintenance of the sampling procedures.

Solid internal procedures combined with the right support agreement handled by our competent application and calibration specialists can secure your investment and ensure smoothly running equipment throughout the years. The right kind of surveillance and maintenance is important to ensure stable and precise results. Our skilled specialists are trained to perform all the troubleshooting and application maintenance our customers may need.

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Choose the level of support that fits your specific needs. Our flexible three-stage support
agreement provides you with external support that can be scaled based on your changing needs.


Our Basic Support package is our “do-it-yourself” level for customers who take responsibility for all the aspects of the application maintenance, but prefer to have priority response and to take care of updating software to ensure optimal performance and IT security.


Our Plus Support package is intended for customers who seek extra security and optimal backup for the individuals who maintain the application “in-house”. We monitor the hardware performance based on the reference validation parameters and respond within 24 hours in case of any failure.


Our Premium Support package is for customers who wish to outsource surveillance and maintenance of the application and the calibrations to our specialists. Our specialists ensure a smooth application performance and adjust bias and slopes, or re-model if necessary.

Contact our support team to learn more about our services and to find a support level, that suits your specific needs.

Training Sessions

To help our customers perform better, improve their competences in the field of NIR spectroscopy and to ensure success in the long-term, we provide courses and training on how to get the most out of your NIR application, regardless of your current skillset.

Calibration and Validation course

Learn how to get the most out of your NIR application. In this course there will be training in developing new calibration models as well as maintaining existing models. You will learn to evaluate the results and to find areas of improvement for your products. During the course you will work with ready-made training data, but you are also provided the opportunity to experiment with your own data sources. The course level can be tailored to both beginners as well as experienced personnel.

Sampling and Application course

Gain an understanding of the possibilities for your instrument, production and laboratory. In this course training will be offered in representative sampling and the basics behind spectroscopy. You will learn how to optimise the production specifically for your application, how to develop a new application and how to evaluate your application results and transfer them to adjustments in the production. The course level will primarily be for beginners and new colleagues, but can also be used to provide a brush-up for experienced personnel.

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Contact our Technical Support regarding the training courses and your specific needs.

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