See it where you need it

InSightView is the frontend software to monitor and control the daily operation of the InSight Pro analyser concept. InSightView offers a full overview of the measurement results and validity, running average, trend curves, etc. in a simple and efficient way. With the use of colour codes, set against fully configurable criteria, it is quick and easy to obtain information about the status of the production and the analyser with just a brief glance. InSightView is designed to be operated by process personnel with a multi-language user interface.   

Software highlights   

  • Real-time analytical results
  • Built-in process stability indicator  
  • Calibration sample relevance indicator  
  • Link to AnalyticTrust for easy instrument surveillance and QA   
  • Intuitive and easy to use without training   
  • Select between multiple languages  
  • Runs on Windows 10 pro

All an operator needs to run the process tighter

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Cost reducing features 

Pulling good and representative samples for calibration and validation purposes is essential for the high performance of the InSight Pro system. InSightView has been developed to address two important aspects of taking good samples while making it easy to do. First, sampling during a stable process makes it more likely to collect a sample from the process that is equal to what has been measured by the InSight Pro system, i.e. the sampling error is lower at a stable process, illustrated in Figure 1 as the green periods . A sampling icon found on the start sampling button is therefore colour-coded to indicate the best times to extract a sample. The second aspect involves knowing if the sample is relevant for validation, calibration or if nothing new can be learned from the sample. InSightView provides recommendations for when to send a sample to chemical reference determination, as illustrated in Figure 2. This feature dramatically reduces the total cost for calibration and validation.

Figure 1
Figure 2

When fewer samples are discarded after reference method determination and when advised not to send the sample to lab, cost is reduced. Other benefits include better knowledge about the process variability and calibration models with high performance. 

The operator experiences  

The working environment in a production plant can be hectic and fast paced. InSightView is designed to be as simple as possible while providing all necessary information at a quick glance. All information is therefore provided on the front page without the need to access other menus. When necessary, easy-to-understand icons serve as a guide to functions such as choosing the product to analyse, starting or stopping the analysis, initiating sampling from process and initiating reference measurements. InSightView can run on multiple monitors, e.g. in the operator room and on the fully IP65-protected monitor next to the production line. The IP65-protected monitor has touch-screen functionality for ease of use and offers a full overview where the operator needs it.            


FTSW100 Process Software is our backend software platform for online spectroscopy solutions. The product has been developed by our partner ABB Bomem. FTSW100 was built from scratch to support automated and unattended analysis 365 days a year, 24/7 with excellent stability records. FTSW100 controls the analytical sequence, which includes receiving spectral data from the spectrometer, chemometrics, I/O, alarms, calculations and storage safety procedures, among other processes. FTSW100 is a complete software solution for spectrometer-based process monitoring and control.  


InSightView can be linked to AnalyticTrust, a web-based software application for monitoring the performance of InSight Pro applications. InSightView will supply hourly status updates with hardware health information to the surveillance module in AnalyticTrust. The control charts in AnalyticTrust will provide a warning before a possible issue becomes a problem that affects the production. Furthermore, it monitors the sampling processes, calibration samples, applications and reference results. This ensures precise and trusted data.