InfraQuant – for easy and secure operation 

InfraQuant is included with all Quant systems as the user interface to run the analyser. InfraQuant offers an easy-to-use platform to streamline QC operations and produce analytical results of high and trusted quality.

We understand that the supervisor wants a highly configurable tool, whereas an operator is looking for simplicity. That is why InfraQuant has balanced both these aims and offers an advanced configuration module as well as an easy front interface to run the daily routines. The front-end Wizard guides the operator through the analysis sequence with information messages, warnings and reminders. The Wizard ensures consistent results independent of operator skills and experience. Our philosophy is to minimise the use of the mouse and work from a “next-next-next-ok” design perspective.

InfraQuant has been continuously improved in collaboration with our customers and has been released in several versions over the years, each adding additional features.

Software highlights  

  • Runs on up-to-date windows 10   
  • Intuitive and easy to use without training  
  • The choice between multiple user languages  
  • Easy link to AnalyticTrust for easy instrument surveillance and QA  
  • Easy link to LIMS 

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One software for all analysers 

InfraQuant is standard across all Quant analysers. This means minimum operator training as an operator recognises the interface and can immediately run a system intended for a completely different purpose. 

When a new feature is proposed by a customer – all customers benefit from the upgrade. This makes the popular annual update service worth the investment. It also allows us to stay tuned to new Windows versions and changes and offer upgrades almost instantly after the release of a major new Windows version. This adds to the security, as no one is forced to work on antiquated platforms.

The operator experiences 

The operator is busy and working 24/7. We have designed the user interface to be as simple as possible and to involve as few choices and as little fiddling around with the mouse as possible. 

Pick the product from the list to the left and follow the on-screen guidance set up by the supervisor in your own language. Fill in by keyboard or barcode suitable sample ID information and hit Next. The analyser will now ask for the sample and run the scanning and analysis sequence, all automatically.

The results screen will appear at the end of the analysis and present the results in colours reflecting the validity of the results. The results screen further offers trend-curves and options to add comments or mark the sample as a calibration sample. When the result is accepted, return to the main screen or repeat the sequence for another sample of the same type.

LIMS connectivity and external PC 

All Quant systems are delivered with a high-end all-in-one PC currently running Windows 10 Pro. The external PC has many advantages over the built-in models. A Quant typically lasts 10-15 years, i.e. three times longer than any PC or Windows version. It offers easy add-on of barcode readers, virus scanners, printers, network management and similar devices. 

InfraQuant is prepared for LIMS connectivity and requires no additional software or licences. At the end of each analysis cycle an XML file is saved in a directory of the supervisor’s choice, thus making LIMS connectivity as easy as it could possibly get.

AnalyticTrust – directly linked 

InfraQuant is prepared for direct link to the secure web-based platform AnalyticTrust. InfraQuant will automatically supply hardware health information to the surveillance module in AnalyticTrust, allowing the control chart generator to warn you in due time before you will encounter issues with the system. In case of support needs, Q-Interline can be allowed in order to view the hardware details and quickly supply the appropriate help.

The QA plan from AnalyticTrust with upcoming validation tasks is directly visible in InfraQuant and to run a task simply click the task and follow the instructions.
In case you choose to save a sample as a calibration sample, the spectrum is saved in AnalyticTrust and your lab can easily add chemical information to the sample.