Strong experienced profiles hired for our newly established French subsidiary

Strong experienced profiles hired for our newly established French subsidiary

With the hiring of our new country manager and application specialist we have passed another important milestone in relation to the French organisation.

Shortly after the establishment of Q-Interline SARL our two first French employees have now signed a contract. We have hired two experienced profiles, who already know each other and who know the market and industry well. Our two new colleagues look forward to establishing our new office in France, growing our customer portfolio, and ensuring a close collaboration with Q-Interline’s existing customers in France.

Q-Interline’s new country manager for France comes from a similar position at an international manufacturer of analytical equipment, where he has been for more than 10 years. He starts at Q-Interline September 1st and will be responsible for Q-Interline SARL.

Our new French application- and support specialist, Emmanuelle Certenais, starts already next week on 7 June. Emmanuelle will be main responsible for support to existing and new customers in France. She has 9 years of experience working with near infrared analysis technology (NIR), as former head of laboratory at Valorex SAS. Combined with her NIR experience, Emmanuelle knows the industry, the French market, and our new country manager, and she lives in Bretagne where we plan to locate our new office. This all makes her a strong candidate for the job.

”We see it as an advantage that our two new French colleagues already know each other as they will be working closely together to grow our position in the French market. Our new country manager has already met the rest of the team in Denmark and Germany before signing his contract. His decision to work at Q-Interline is based on our agility, engagement, technical lead, and the strong company culture”, says CEO Martin Roithner Henriksen and continues “a crucial factor for success is to set the right team. This we have now ensured with these two profiles.”

Q-Interline lands the largest isolated order in the company history

Q-Interline lands the largest isolated order in the company history

Anaspec Solutions, Q-Interline’s distributor in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg, have placed an order for 10 Quant analysis instruments. This is the largest isolated order in the 25+ years the company has existed.

This order strengthens our growing business and our market share in especially the Netherlands. It clearly shows that our distributor believes in Q-Interline’s solutions and that they have customers for the instruments. Like Germany and France, The Netherlands is among the absolute elite within food production in Europe.

The order comes as a result of a close cooperation with the leading agricultural- and food laboratories and the largest dairy laboratory, Qlip B.V., testing 1,8 mills. milk samples yearly.

”We are proud that we now for real secure a foothold  with the food production companies in the Benelux countries. Then we can contribute to improving the product quality and optimising the production processes with our analysis instruments. The order means a great deal for our brand awareness and continued success in those three countries”, says CEO Martin Roithner Henriksen.

This investor news does not change the financial guidance for 2022, not turnover nor EBIT.

Q-Interline headhunts strong profiles for new Advisory board

Q-Interline headhunts strong profiles for new Advisory board

Q-Interline establishes a new Advisory board with strong experienced profiles to support the organisation in the execution of the ambitious growth strategy.

Q-Interline is in the middle of an exciting journey with expansion to France and soon North America. The strategy is in place, but with guidance and advice from experienced profiles Q-Interline will more likely make the right decisions and priorities and thereby ensure the best execution of the strategy to strengthen Q-Interline’s succes.

The two strong profiles for the new Advisory board are Peter Skade and Henrik Brandborg.

Peter Skade is Global Sales Director at MEQU and have earlier been part of FOSS for more than 14 years, five years as Vice President for Sales & Marketing, Europe, where he was directly responsible for 7 subsidiaries and Sales/service in 13 countries.

Henrik Brandborg is Senior Vice President for International Sales at Demant and has a long history with Radiometer, where he was Vice President for Global Sales, President Radiometer America and Geschäftsführer Radiometer Germany and Central Europe.

Both profiles have solid experience with sales and marketing within the industry of analysis instruments in both Europe and North America. Q-Interline will be able to gain from this experience with the new Advisory board.

”I look forward welcoming Peter and Henrik and to discussing our plans with them in order to ensure the best possible execution plan to succeed with our ambitious growth strategy. Henrik and Peter are both interesting profiles with extensive and relevant experience from our industry and from growth journeys similar to the one in front of us. With the new Advisory board we want to make an extra effort to ensure we reach our goals.” , says Martin R. Henriksen.

”At Q-Interline we wish to execute our growth plans as effective as possible without unnecessary mistakes slowing us down”, says chairperson of the board Birgit Vilstrup Olsen, and continues ”I am thrilled we can attract such skilled and experienced profiles for our Advisory board”.

This investor news does not change the financial guidance for 2022, not turnover nor EBIT.

Q-Interline establishes a subsidiary company in France – the country of cheese

Q-Interline establishes a subsidiary company in France – the country of cheese

Q-Interline now officially established a subsidiary company in one of the largest European food and dairy markets. The establishment of the subsidiary company in France – Q-Interline SARL – has been signed according to the plan and we are in the process of employee recruitment.

Q-Interline already delivered an in-line analysis solution InSight Pro to the largest dairy in the world with headquarters in France. The dairy uses InSight Pro for standardisation of their production of milk used for cheese-making and whey protein concentrate (WPC) by getting a precise measurement of fat, protein, and dry matter.

The strategy for establishing Q-Interline SARL is primarily to get closer to and expand the collaboration with our existing large customers in France. Secondly, the strategy is to get closer to the more than 800 small local dairies and to one of Europe’s largest segments for food production.  

Currently the official address of Q-Interline SARL is with the attorney’s office (Grant Thornton in Neuilly sur Seine). The plan is for Q-Interline’s office to be established in the area of Bretagne or Normandy. This area hosts many dairies and food production companies which are our main customer segment.

“Being the mother of cheese makers, France is truly an exciting European market to establish our next Q-Interline subsidiary in. We already have several large and important customers in France, to whom we wish to get closer to and expand our collaboration with. Besides this, France has many small local dairies and food production companies, and this comprises a huge customer potential for our at-line and in-line FT-NIR analyser solutions. In a country like France, it is important to be close to the customers for language and cultural reasons, particularly to win the smaller customers”, says CEO Martin R. Henriksen.

And he continues, “Especially for the small and specialised French dairies it is essential to have a consistent and homogenous production of high quality. The product must taste the same every time. Instead of waiting several days for the analysis results from external laboratories the local dairies can analyse and control the production continuously with Q-Interline’s FT-NIR plug and play analysis solution.”

Besides the newly established subsidiary in France Q-Interline has a subsidiary in Germany.